A forward-thinking direct mail marketing company, dedicated to enhancing the client experience by merging direct mail with technology to deliver high-quality mail campaigns at competitive wholesale prices with 100% transparency from design to delivery with our easy-to-use client dashboard.


We have committed to 5 of the largest mail houses in North America to print 25 million pieces of mail annually. This volume allows us to offer unheard of wholesale pricing without sacrificing quality. Our direct mail campaigns include everything from design to delivery, and beyond. What sets us apart from other direct mail companies is our client dashboard that gives our clients the ability to track key performance indicators, live mail deliveries, and even edit, comment, and approve mailer proofs all in one place. This makes it easy to build the perfect direct mail campaigns, clearly see your ROI, and provide seamless communication. We make it simple to measure the impact of your mail campaign, thus, letting you know where to spend your marketing dollars efficiently and effectively.


Our founder and CEO has been in the direct mail industry for nearly 20 years and found a lack of technological advances and transparency in the direct mail industry. He was inspired to create a way to have every part of a direct mail campaign all in one place, and merge it with technology; so he created DDM and our one-of-a-kind client dashboard.

He used his relationships with some of North America’s largest mail houses to unlock wholesale pricing and get some of the lowest prices in the industry with the highest quality.

The combination of the mail house relationships and the client dashboard allows us to provide high quality, low-cost campaigns, with constant communication and transparency along the way. With the easy-to-use technology to help your campaign thrive.

“The biggest thing I can say is the return on the mail investment is better than anywhere I have ever seen and I’ve been in the car industry for 20 years.”

Curt Brown